Monday, September 7, 2009

His Voice For Sudan NEW BLOG!

We just went live with our new His Voice for Sudan blog! Come and join us. Vernon, Justin, Heath and I will be writing entries of all kinds. I think you will really enjoy it.

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Friday, July 31, 2009

August 1st Sudan's National Day of Prayer

This Info is via Samaritan's Purse:


Join Sudanese Believers in Prayer for Their Nation
this Saturday

Christian leaders from more than 1,000 churches in north and south Sudan are urging believers worldwide to join them for their National Day of Prayer on August 1.

"Christians, wherever you are, just kneel down somewhere and pray," said Pastor James, a local church leader in Khartoum. "We feel that it is very important for the Church to fast and pray."

Sudan is moving into a critical time of transition. National elections are scheduled for January, 2010, followed by a historic referendum for independence for Southern Sudan in 2011.

Believers in Sudan have been fasting and praying for their nation during the week leading up to the National Day of Prayer on Saturday.

"We are praying for the nation of Sudan," Pastor James said. "It is not a political thing. We are praying for our President. We are praying for God's protection and that there will be no conflict between the north and the south."


• Omar Hassan Ahmad al-Bashir, President of Sudan
• Salva Kiir Mayardit, President of Southern Sudan
• A peaceful election in January
• The vote on independence for Southern Sudan in 2011
• Revival and prayer in local churches
• Lasting peace throughout Sudan

The people of Southern Sudan suffered through two decades of bloody civil war that claimed more than two million lives before the Comprehensive Peace Agreement was signed in 2005. A sustained peace is critical over the next two years as sensitive negotiations and historic elections frame the future of the nation.

Please pray with believers around the world for Sudan on August 1.

You can also learn more about Sudan and find additional prayer requests on our Web site.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Meet Sweet Daniel

Daniel is an incredible kid! He is 6 years old and has been at the orphanage for almost two years. He and Soraya (Daniel's 4 year old sister) came to us from a tragic situation. One day Daniel's mom asked he and Soraya to go with her in order to gather fire wood so they could sell it in the market and have money for food, school fees, etc. Daniel's mom put Soraya on her back and they went out in the jungle. Sadly, Daniel and Soraya's mom stepped on a landmine. She was killed right there, Daniel had his leg blown off, and Soraya was miraculously unharmed. Daniel courageously untied his little sister as he was bleeding to death from his leg being taken and brought her to safety.

Daniel is a brilliant kid who has an incredibly gentle spirit. Please pray the Lord will use him as a mighty man for the kingdom. Pray God will comfort Daniel in his afflictions so he is able to comfort others (2 Cor. 1:3-5).

Love Truth

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Another Way to Help

Hey everyone! Some guys from our church put together a company to sale shirts to help with the operating costs of the orphanages. The shirts are so great! Visit there sight and pre-order one now!

here is a peek at the design...

Friday, September 19, 2008

Two Dollars and Eighty-Eight Cents

What could $2.88 a day possibly do to impact the world besides giving us our daily caffeine fix at Starbucks (no guilt trip intended)? It can help to do the following:
  • Feed, clothe, educate, disciple and pay for medical needs of one orphan for one day. It helps pays the daily salaries of 42 employees (28 of which are widows) who are caring for these orphans. It also helps to pay for one meal a day for 210 school children as well as subsidizing their school fees.
It has come to that time of year where His Voice For Sudan sets out to raise the next years operating cost. This year we figured up how much per day per child it takes to run both orphanages. We were both shocked and encouraged when we divided it out and came up with such a small number. $2.88 really does make a lot of difference! It helps His Voice for Sudan continue the task of empowering orphans, widows and church leaders in Southern Sudan to make disciples of all nations.

We are about to start traveling through the Midwest to raise funds and awareness. We will be speaking at churches and to small groups in homes. If you would be interested in having us come to your church, or hosting a small group night at your home, we would be thrilled to come. You can contact us at or comment on this blog.

Monday, July 28, 2008


Hello All! The boys and I got to speak to Vernon and the Team via Skype Video Chat. It was so fun! Everyone seemed to be doing great and they were all joking and laughing with each other.
They shared some great stories they wanted me to relay to you.
On Sunday at the church in Yei, Pastor John got to preach. Eight people came to Christ! AMEN! After the service they went down to the Yei river and baptized them all! There was a lady who was into which craft and had been trying to put her trust in the practice of it. That Sunday she got baptized and they burned all her charms!!! This is so amazing!
They spent Monday at the orphanage in Lura. They spent the day serving the widows. The widows do so much work on a daily basis, so the team divided up some of the tasks, like getting the water from the well for the next couple days, cooking, shelling peanuts and caring for the children. They all seemed to enjoy being at the Orphanage and the Lord is blessing them with sweet relationships with the widows and orphans.
Pastor John has stayed in Yei town to speak at a leadership conference. Bishop decided to shut down all the EPC offices so everyone could go to the conference...this is a BIG DEAL! Bishop has greatly enjoyed getting to know John and EPC has been greatly encouraged and challenged by Pastor John.
Continue to pray for the leadership conference and for the team as they travel to Lura each day. They will be flying out of Sudan on Thursday morning.